Content Guideline

We are continuously working to improve the user experience on our platform. Taking this into our consideration we have set up a guideline for customers as well as business owners. To make sure that the information available at PTAKARO is of higher quality all the user of our website are required to take in to consideration following points:

  1. The reviews about a business should be unbiased, and should be posted by authentic consumer of its services. This ensures the reliability of the review that may be helpful for the others to take decision on the basis of that.
  2. Reviews should be genuine and must have exact reflection of the quality of the business. Reviews on the basis of personal dispute, full of hate speeches, threats, inappropriate languages, is strongly disapproved by us. Any review found in violation of our guidelines will be removed.
  3. Demanding money in order to delete or post a review is not acceptable and anyone should not adopt this type of way, this will develop false and unreliable information.
  4. Only provide business information if you are certain about the information that is accurate and up to date, otherwise, false information will be removed on finding.
  5. Business owners should claim their business to develop confidence among customers about the reliability of the information provided pertaining to the listed business.
  6. The business should be listed in its related category that is as specific as possible to make sure that your business is easy to be found out by users.
  7. It is a great idea to include attractive photos of a business to be listed. The photos and information provided in the business listing should be of your business and it is not recommended to copy from other businesses. This may create confusion among customers about the listed business.
  8. It is not recommended to post personal information of anyone. Posting such types of information will be removed.
  9. Provide information of only those businesses that is currently in operation. Business that is under construction or closed for public should not be listed by users.
  10. Any type of material that promotes nudity or any type of illegal activities should not be posted to maintain quality of this website. Such type of information will not be approved and will be deleted on finding of such.