Our Introduction

Ptakaro.com is a business listing portal that mainly focuses on bringing businesses and customers closer to each other in an efficient and effective way. Being online provides an exposure to a significant level that helps in making a success of a business in a very short span of time. It goes without saying that the Internet has become an indispensable part of our life. Having presence of a business on the web gives an edge to its competitors, who are still relying on conventional ways to promote their businesses.

It is a very user friendly business listing website where you can list your business with a remarkable ease. This platform makes your business visible to the visitors at this platform, making them familiar about your business and your services. Here you can provide a wide range of information about your business that not only makes your business appealing, but also gets a large number of leads for it.

We have also made consumer’s life easier by providing them with a single online source of information, where they can find accurate details about any hotel, restaurant, car dealer, doctor, grocery shop and many more. By registering with Ptakaro.com, users can leave comments and reviews about any business or service they have used to make others well informed in a very transparent and unbiased way so that every person can get clear and honest details about the businesses.